James Gould

full stack developer
jamesagould123 (at) gmail.com


Full-Stack Web Developer from the United States with 8 years of professional experience.

Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational, C1), French (Basic)

Resumes and curricula vitae

I'm open to jobs in English and Spanish and have professional experience using both. Currently in A4 Paper size, available in other sizes on request.

CV, English Resume, English CV, Spanish Resume, Spanish


(With some rough estimates on my level of mastery)

  • C#/.NET/ASP.NET 85%
  • Sitecore 80%
  • JavaScript (Native) 90%
  • React 60%
  • Angular 60%
  • REST APIs 80%
  • HTML5/CSS3/Sass 90%
  • UX/UI 60%
  • SEO 80%
  • jQuery 80%
  • SQL/MySQL 65%
  • Ruby on Rails 25%
  • Node.js 20%
  • Python 30%
  • CI/CD systems 75%
  • Teamwork 90%
  • Agile/Scrum 80%
  • Being a friendly face, always ready to tackle the next challenge 100%


Keeping oneself up to date with the latest dev trends is a part of the job. Here's some things I've been learning more about lately, but don't have professional experience with yet.

  • Microservices
  • Java/JVM
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Dynamic Programming
  • System architecture
  • Divide and conquer

Web Portfolio

Here is a sample of my work that can actively be browsed online!

Highlight: Winter Park

I took a key role building this website for one of the top ski resorts in the United States. The website was built using the Sitecore CMS, with dozens of components delivering a range of functionality. Some examples of my work include the mosaic images, visual stories, and booking widget that you can see on the homepage, as well as the API-fed weather information modal you can see in the header. On this project, I worked as a full stack web developer with a focus on the backend. On the backend I worked on implementing components with unit testing, advancing our dependency injection development pattern, and integrating 3rd party and internal APIs. On the front end I focused on delivering clean, reusable styling based on provided designs, improving UX/UI elements, and working with designers to make the website accessible to a diverse audience, as well as building out interactive functionality to improve and extend functionality on mobile and desktop.

Stack: C#/.NET, Sitecore, Javascript with RequireJS.

Highlight: Limelight Hotels

This hip hotel chain needed an eye-catching website to advertise their wide range of services as well as further establish their brand and online presence. I worked as a full stack developer on a small team to help build this componentized Sitecore-driven site. We took designs provided by a third party, and helped add life and animations to them as we implemented them, working in tandem with designers to build out their vision while adding some flare. One of the interesting features of this site is that it has different styling on various components depending on the location selected. Our front end and back end code had to account for this, and we managed to build that out without overcomplicating the code logic and while keeping our code clean and DRY.

Stack: C#/.NET, Sitecore, Javascript Native

Other Highlights

Flowcharts generator

One of the contracts I've taken on had me working with a small nonprofit to implement a flowchart generator, backed by an MVC website. The custom flowchart generator allowed the nonprofit to organize pro-bono legal processes into flowcharts of simple pairs of questions and answers, allowing them to increase the efficiency of their work with community legal clinics. This was built with native Javascript on the front end, with the data pre-organized and collected via several custom forms including drag and drop functionality in a .NET MVC setup.

Point of Sale App

While working with Mapleton Hill, I took the lead role implementing a point of sale system for a major ski resort. This point of sale system facilitated the sales of tickets, reducing the length of lines and increasing throughput into the ski resort while reducing the volume of work done by call centers and the ticket office, particularly during peak volumes. I built it as a single page application using AngularJS, integrated with custom data and multilanguage support from an API. The application was capable of collecting customer information, accepting payments via credit or debit cards, and sending ticket orders to a printer service in order to print the tickets with unique barcodes.


During my career, I’ve implemented several REST APIs with full CRUD functionality. On some projects I’ve taken a major part in writing documentation manually, but I’ve found the best documentation is at least partially automated - for which I’ve used tools like Swagger. I’ve implemented internally and externally consumed APIs in C# with basic authentication systems, as well as APIs requiring different levels of roles/authorization in order to access different endpoints and commands.


Constant Improvement

I'm always learning, trying to be better than I was the day before. Whether it's a new technology, a new language (computer or human!), or any other challenge, I try to approach it with enthusiasm.

Definition of Done

The job isn't done until it's done. Code isn't ready until I can say I'm proud of my work. Quality over quantity, I don't get paid per line of code.

Clean code (as you go)

The best time to write clean code is when a project is being started. The second best time is now. Much like myself, I expect my codebase to get better with time, not worse.

Good vibes

Being positive isn't always possible or realistic. But I pride myself on being a friendly face, being easy to work with, and having a can do attitude.

Do no harm

Technology is capabale of doing harm if implemented incorrectly or with bad intentions. In particular, software shouldn't be exclusionary to people with disabilities, nor used to further exploitation and suffering.

Without dogmas

None of these values are more important than the team/project. I'm not convinced my way is always the right way, and I'm happy to learn from those around me.

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