This is a web crawler designed in PHP, based on the web crawler shown in this Stackoverflow answer. However, for my purposes, I found an iterative approach to be more effective than the recursive approach. If you throw the project up on a server, you can parse websites for any PCRE pattern, and to any set depth, with any starting webpage, using the provided UI.

How To Use

Download this zip, unzip it, host it on a server or on localhost, navigate to the default.htm file on any web browser, input your paramaters and crawl away!

If you don't know how to host it, I suggest using XAMPP. you can find a good tutorial on XAMPP here.

If you want to learn more about PCRE regexes, the PHP manual is a good place to start.


This plugins is not licensed. Please don't claim my work as your own unless you modify it. I do not condone Denial of Service attacks, or any mischievous, malicious, or otherwise ill-meaning use of this software.